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Virtually all fires start small but grow very rapidly. If a fire can be detected soon enough & fought immediately, it will take  surprisingly little water to put it out. 

Regional Offices & Contacts

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map-icon-red.png Head Office

6 Kent Close, Weymouth, Dorset. DT4 9TF
01305 765763

map-icon-orange.png Essex Office 

Bob Henning - 

map-icon-green.png Oxfordshire Office

Colin Taylor - 

map-icon-purp.png Dorset Office

Christine Travers - 

map-icon-blue.png Somerset Office

Tom Lyon - 

map-icon-pink.png Jersey office

Jordan Gallienne - 

map-icon-turq.png Guernsey Office

Jordan Gallienne - 

map-icon-yellow.png West Midlands Office

Sylvester Philips - 

map-icon-dkblue.png Hampshire Office

John Parker - 

map-icon-dkpurp.png West Sussex Office

John Parker -

map-icon-dark-red.png Cornwall Office

Barry Shereston -

map-icon-dark-red.png South Wales Office

Rob Daly -

Chris Joseph -



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6 Kent Close, Weymouth, Dorset,
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