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Virtually all fires start small but grow very rapidly. If a fire can be detected soon enough & fought immediately, it will take  surprisingly little water to put it out. 

Sparky & Bubbles – The Halloween Party

On one of the spookiest nights of the year, we see and hear of fire related accidents in the home again and again. Seemingly innocent candle lit pumpkins & children’s trailing costumes can quite quickly become the source of many terrifying accidents. With help from Sparky and Bubbles in this Halloween themed book, we demonstrate just how effective home fire sprinklers can be.


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Lookout for Sparky and Bubbles

With help from Sparky and Bubbles we aim to help raise awareness of the dangers children face when playing with fire and just how effective fire sprinklers can be in homes. Even when started without any intention to do harm, fires set by children can cause serious damage and injury. The time to educate is now!

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